The Heroes of Dunderville

A Corrupted Monestary
  • A short while into the foothills of the mountains, the party happens upon a voice. The voice requests payment for safe passage in the language of the fey. The party gave some of its’ food for the voice, and in turn are gifted with warnings, which the party either misinterpreted or decided to ignore.
  • Continuing on the road the party encounters a band of kobold bandits, approximately 50 in number. The party speaks and threatens the kobolds in order to gain an advantageous position in the valley they were cornered in before turning and fighting all of the kobolds. Upon killing the majority of the kobolds, the party tracked them back to their camp, and discovered that it was a raiding party from a much larger community of kobolds hidden somewhere in the mountains.
  • The party moves on from the bandit camp and move further into the mountains. The party is eventually beset by snow and rain, and decide to take shelter at the monastery that they find along the way.
  • Some of the party is suspicious of the monks at the monastery, and for good reason. During the night the party finds out that the members of the monastery have been corrupted by some evil that turned them all into undead monsters. After eliminating the undead, the party claims the rewards that the monastery holds.
Ancient Desert Ruins
  • On their way to Aldborough the party decided to take the shorter route through the desert. Setting out, the party leaves with 4 horses, 2 oxen, and a wagon.
  • After some time the party is beset by a sandstorm. After the storm had cleared, the party had lost 2 horses, and had discovered some ruins that had been recently uncovered by the storm.
  • Exploring the ruins finds several beetles and undead. The party takes quite a bit of damage fighting their way through the enemies, and discover a throne and a wisihing well near the end of the ruins.
  • After using the wishing well to restore the party’s damage, they continue on their way to Aldborough. Discovering that the path has been obstructed by the storm, the group instead decides to head through the mountains to make the best time they can.
The First Venture
  • The party meets each other at the Merry Riot Tavern in Dunderville
  • The town has been recently plagued by an ogre demanding goods and even more recently has begun demanding people.
  • Kerwin the trader’s son was kidnapped, along with another woman in the village.
  • The Ogre makes his home at Skull Keep Hill
  • The party decides to assist the village and solve the ogre problem.
  • Upon investigating the ogre, the party discovers there is more afoot than previously thought. After killing several hobgoblins and the ogre, the party discovers the presence of a lower level demon.
  • The weaker demon wanted to summon a Glaberzu by the name of Frogreth in order to return to his home plane. In order to do this he seduced a wizard with the promise of power and glory.
  • In the end, the party managed to kill the wizard, stop the summoning ritual, and rescue the captives of the wizard, who it turns out had been controlling the ogre.
  • The party also found that the dwarf Dorgin, who had left the town of Dunderville mysteriously several days prior, had been charmed into working for the wizard. Francoi killed Dorgin after he began to attack Francoi. In addition, the party also found the ancient tomb of a dwarven lord named Tulwar, and immediately looted the remains.
  • Returning the heroes, the party got discounts being outfitted by Kerwin, and agreed to go to Aldborough in order to assist the Oren family with some mysterious murders that they believe they are partially responsible for.

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