The Heroes of Dunderville

Ancient Desert Ruins

  • On their way to Aldborough the party decided to take the shorter route through the desert. Setting out, the party leaves with 4 horses, 2 oxen, and a wagon.
  • After some time the party is beset by a sandstorm. After the storm had cleared, the party had lost 2 horses, and had discovered some ruins that had been recently uncovered by the storm.
  • Exploring the ruins finds several beetles and undead. The party takes quite a bit of damage fighting their way through the enemies, and discover a throne and a wisihing well near the end of the ruins.
  • After using the wishing well to restore the party’s damage, they continue on their way to Aldborough. Discovering that the path has been obstructed by the storm, the group instead decides to head through the mountains to make the best time they can.



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